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Welcome to dianna_agron! Join to see entries.

1. This community was made for the people who are fans of Dianna Agron. If you are here to bash her, or her characters such as Quinn Fabray, you've come to the wrong place.
2. All entries much be related to Dianna Agron in some way. We don't need news about Lea Michele or Cory Monteith if it doesn't involve Dianna.
3. If you're posting something, try to make sure what you're posting hasn't already been posted. Also, add a subject line. AND MAKE YOUR POST MEMBERS ONLY.
4. Please do not tag your post. And spoilers much go under an lj-cut.
5. Give credit where credit is due, and provide for the sources of the news, information, spoilers or pictures you post.
6. For now, icon posts are allowed. Use an lj-cut if you post more than six icons, or link to your own community/journal.
7. We are allowing people to promote their communities here for now, IF they are in a way related to Dianna Agron. That means, a community for Cory Monteith is allowed, but not a community about Miley Cyrus.
8. Have fun and be nice.

you? comment here.

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