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Mod post!

Hey everyone! Long time no see! I'm planning on doing some big changes here at dianna_agron! I want this to be more of a place to get information about Dianna, and I know I have been slacking on updating with all the news, pictures, and stuff, but I have so much free time now that I can devote to this community that I will be updating with as much new info about Glee, Dianna, and her other projects as I can. I will still be accepting post, and they will definitely be more timely than they have been, but there's going to be some new rules on what can be posted and what cannot, and how to go about posting.

-From now on there's going to be no icons posted! They clutter up the page, and it's hard to find the actual news about Dianna.
-BUT I will be doing a weekly/ bi-weekly graphics post where you can link to your posts/graphics of Dianna/Quinn.

-I won't accept any posts that do not have a source. Unless they are rares or fan photos, that's fine.
-Please! Use the tags!
-Remember that spoilers HAVE TO be under a cut.

That's about it for now! If you have any comments/suggestions please leave them in the comments.

AND A HUGE HUGE HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THANK YOU TO lovable_sin for being awesome and posting!
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